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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by to find out about the many fcets of Toni Odom. If you are a business owner, author or need help with a projects she has you covered. Take a look around and she all that she has to offer./p>,

Her new client, Alonzo Williams is being played by Corey Reynolds in the upcomming mo ie Straight Outta Comptonn.Toni is always on the move.





  • Creative Communicator

    Toni has great ideas and knows how to make them realities.
    Harry Lennix
    May 8, 2015
  • Talented Project Manager

    She is on time, on budget and a creative problem solver
    Shiela Volante
    Apr 18, 2015
  • A True Businesswoman

    When it comes down to business,, she always knows the bottomline.
    Cheryl Broussard
    May 19, 20115
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Business Guru


Classically trained with a Master's in Business Administration (MBA)  and a Master's in Project Management (MPM) and having owned her own business over a decade, Toni knows business. Learn more about her Consulting Services and communications services at Restore Communications Group.


 Toni's new book explores the real issues facing Black men and women and offers some honest discussion about how both sides should not be against one another but recognize how they should own up and face how they contribute to conflict. She discusses how the Original Man and Woman have been Manufactured by today's standards. Visit Toni's store for a discount or purchase from Barnes & Noble.



Toni is an ward winning writer and producer for her web series, Ahshe that chronicles the lives of 4 siblings including secrets, betrayal and regret. Watch Ahshe and get ready for the twists and turns.

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